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Justified paragraphs

Occasionally, people ask how they can have the text of their journal entries justified by default, and there isn't really an answer (as far as I know) in the available documentation.

Basically, all it involves is to use text-align: justify in CSS.

Most of the CSS options are in the HowTo tutorial "CSS text and link alteration"; however, justifying isn't really appropriate for this since that HowTo is mostly for use in <span> and other inline elements, whereas text-align: justify is for block-level elements such as <div> and <p>.

Something similar is FAQ 12, which explains how to change the default font... it goes into putting CSS attributes on block-level elements. So in the past I've sometimes told people "Here [pointing to FAQ 12] is how to set CSS attributes; you can also do this with code for justifying but you'll have to find out the right CSS attribute yourself", which isn't particularly satisfying.

Hence I propose a FAQ addition to the "Customization" category along these lines (based on FAQ 97):

How do I make my journal entries justified/centered/right-aligned?

Go to your Modify Journal page (
Scroll down to the bottom and use the override code found below in your "Overrides" box.

Note that if you are using more than one GLOBAL_HEAD override (such as a font override and a background override together), you will need to merge them together. Details on how to do this can be found at from the HowTo journal (

<style type="text/css">
body, td, font, div, p {
text-align: justify;

I'm not sure what the best way to word this is. I've also seen people who want their journal contents centred (text-align: center) and I suppose it's conceivable that people might want everything right-aligned (text-align: right).

Maybe that means this sort of thing is better off in a HowTo, which can colour-code things and explain replacements better than a FAQ can? If so, tell me and I can write up a propose for howto_userdoc. I'm not sure which memory categories it'd fall under, though; perhaps Content Resize Realign or Text alteration.

Tags: cat-customize

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