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New FAQ suggestion: "What is S2? How does it affect my journal?"

Further to my previous (first!) post, which accidentally resurrected a heated debate on the wider issue of referring to S2 in the FAQ (my fault for not reading back through the MonthPage, sorry), I'd like to propose a catch-all, "interim" FAQ, that addresses all of the common questions people may have about S2:
What is S2? How does it affect my journal?
    S2 is the code name used to refer to LiveJournal's new style system, Style system 2.

    Style system 2 is designed to offer all users more flexibility in customizing their journal, and is intended as a replacement for Style system 1, currently employed by the majority of users. While S2 is still currently under development and does not support all of the features of its predecessor, users are welcome to switch to using S2 if they so wish. Until the development effort is completed, however, support for S2 is outside the realm of LiveJournal Support, and support volunteers cannot offer any assistance in its use. The information in this FAQ is provided as a courtesy to those curious about S2.

    S2 sports an entirely new customization interface, which first and foremost offers users the ability to choose which style system their journal uses. It is located here:At any time, users can switch back to using S1 via the Customize area.

    Most of the options found in the Customize area override those found on the Modify Journal page (, and as such many options will disappear from the Modify Journal page upon switching to S2, including the overrides box. Any overrides you have previously written will be disregarded in S2, but remain intact should you wish to switch back to S1.

    Certain customizations in S2 are restricted to paying users. For more information on this, please see

    One of the enhancements offered in S2 gives paid users the ability to customize the layout of their Read Comments/Post Comment pages to match their main journal layout. This means that unlike S1, the Layout you choose to apply to your journal in the S2 Customize will affect all of the views of your journal. Because of the inconsistency concerns raised, all users will at some point in the future be offered the option to view all Comment pages in the default system layout. Any comments attached to entries displayed in an S2 layout will be dated according to the GMT time zone, which is contrary to the behaviour of time stamps in S1 (

    Paid, Permanent and Early Adopter account holders who have written their own custom styles in S1 will have to re-write them if they wish to use them alongside S2. To this end, they have access to the Advanced Customization area, found here:This area contains links to all the necessary style management tools and available documentation, but creating and editing a custom style in S2 currently requires programming knowledge, as an equivalent of the S1 Edit Style page ( has yet to be developed. Again, LiveJournal Support volunteers cannot offer any assistance in S2 customization until the development effort is completed.

    Finally, all users willing to beta test S2 while it is still under development are encouraged to watch and participate in the official Test community (, to diagnose and report any remaining and future bugs.

Took me ages to even write it up as a comment, so I'm just copying and pasting with a few slight modifications. I'll make alterations to this entry as recommended.

I await the inevitable dozen-plus comments debating this further with glee.
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