Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

Update Run!

I guess it's my turn to do the Update Run, because, like, lyspeth has been doing it since, like, before the beginning of time, like, like. So here it is.

A new FAQ was added, "What is the policy on account trading? Why should I not accept a traded account?", FAQ166, used mainly for Abuse.

[lj_userdoc] * [ lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc] * [lj_support]
The FAQ "What is a cluster? What cluster is my account stored on?" (FAQ167) is added.

FAQ24 was clarified in regards to who can see an entry if you post it to more than one friends group.

FAQ133 renamed from "How do I set my default text encoding?" to "Why are some of my characters appearing as question marks? How do I set my default text encoding?"

FAQ6 renamed from "How do I add images to my journal entries?" to "How do I add images to my journal entries or user bio?" and some general cleanup.

FAQ47, the memories FAQ. A sentence was added to the end of the second paragraph describing that keywords and memory categories are the same.

FAQ25, the rename FAQ, was updated to say that you also have an option to keep/drop your Friends list. The /rename/ page requires a patch at the moment, so that wasn't changed.

FAQ148 updated to include the restriction on what characters are permitted in a username.

FAQ18 updated to say that you need to be validated to change your password.

Anything after that last post is still awaiting the 48-hours for discussion. I believe lyspeth is still working on her linkage-suggestion posts.

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