Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds (rahaeli) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds

I've been watching the events in this community over the past few days, and would like to make a polite request to everyone involved to please stop it with the insulting and degrading comments before I have to start banning people.

lj_docadmin is not comprised of evil people who want to take away some mystical rights from all LiveJournal users. All aspects of LiveJournal eventually turn into a case of too many people who think that they have a right to dictate policy; if left to a completely democratic vote, nothing would ever get done. The current documentation editors may occasionally decide things by fiat; this is because SOMEONE needs to make a decision. If a decision is made that many people disagree with, reasonable arguments to the opposing viewpoint may change minds; hysterical screaming up and down, insults, and direct and baseless accusations aimed at the individuals who are currently doing the majority of the unpleasant "grunt work" of LJ's documentation will do nothing but earn you a ban_set from lj_userdoc.

I am not attempting to denigrate the valuable contribution that everyone makes to LJ's documentation -- this community and its members do a fantastic job in struggling to keep the docs in some semblance of "up-to-date". However, not everything can be put to popular vote, and not everything can be endlessly debated. The current documentation administrators have the authority to make those decisions, and, in general, can be considered to be speaking with my voice when it comes to policy. (If they're not, I'll be sure to let them know, trust me.)

A little respect here, people. It's not hard to ask.

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