Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

Update Run

Yet another update run! Doing this now because I'm feeling productive. Suggestions made on or after Friday, August 8 are not included in this, as the 48-hour discussion period has not passed yet.

FAQ50 renamed from "Can I do anything to stop my journal from ending up on search engines?" to "What can I do to help stop my journal from ending up on search engines?"

FAQ156 was updated to include information on the S2 comment timestamps, due to the Abuse issues associated with this (that's what rahaeli said), and also in accordance with our new S2 policy.

FAQ7 lost the S2->S1 conversion blurb, because of the new S2 FAQ.

[lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc
"What is Style System 2 (S2)? How can I use it on my journal?" (FAQ168) created.

FAQ47 updated to include information on how to add memories to a community from the maintainer account.

FAQ69 (polls) updated to be more precise as to who could make polls.

FAQ64 (mood icons) updated to say that suggestions for public mood themes are no longer being accepted.

FAQ75 renamed from "What are the LiveJournal-specific tags? What do they do?" to "How do I use an lj-cut? What are the other LiveJournal specific tags?"

FAQ145 ("I am trying to customize my journal. Why is this option not available?") was hidden, because it was mainly used to link directly from an option in /customize/.

---- administrivia ----

[lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc]
Information regarding lj_docadmin was presented to the community.

S2 policy clarified

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