Melissa (asciident) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ99 Rewrite

I'll leave the wording to be discussed by the community at large, but FAQ99: Who can help me create/edit a user picture? needs to have a pretty drastic change.

As some of you are aware, I've taken leadership of the Userpics Team, and we're no longer going to have users contact individual volunteers to request assistance. Instead, they should email

Additionally, the rules should be changed a little bit.

There are a few rules:

"Please follow the guidelines below:"

You must include your username with all contact.

"Always include your username when contacting the Userpics Team. Failure to do so may cause delay in handling your request."

While the volunteers are willing to work on artsy/nude/erotic type images, don't send pornography, please.

... I don't really know how to word this part, actually. I'm just looking for something to convey that all our work has to stay within the decency standards (

Be specific when requesting assistance. If you don't tell the volunteers what you want, they can't give you what you want. Please don't ask them to do "whatever looks good" and then change your mind and list specific things you want. Give that list of specifics first.

Be as specific as possible. If you are vague, the team must make guesses at what you want, and the results may not be as desireable.

Please don't email multiple volunteers with the same request.

Please don't contact individual volunteers unless they have contacted you first. Your request may be lost or you may not receive a response in a timely manner.

Please use email as your primary means of contact. Some volunteers are willing to work with userpics over instant messaging services but not all of them do. Email and ask first, please.

Just... get rid of that part. It's covered above. :)

You may ask for up to 3 userpics per request. If you wish for several userpics to be created or altered, please wait for the first 3 to be returned before requesting more assistance.

I'm not particularly attached to the wording of any of the rewrites, they're just to give you a general idea of how it should be changed. :)


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