Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

[docadmin] Request for Help!

A problem a good handful of users have is finding an option or a function and not knowing how to use it, or what it does, or something like that. It's especially unfortunate when we have a FAQ on the issue, and it's not linked from that place. We want to help integrate the site's text with the current set of FAQs, wherever applicable.

We're asking for assistance in finding spots around LJ that could use a link to a FAQ somewhere. The link that will be added will be a text link, not one of the (?) icons. Everyone with the faqedit priv now also has the translate:en_LJ priv, so doing this will be a lot easier. (Note: This doesn't mean that suggestions or corrections to the site's text should come here now -- continue to post those in lj_english.)

The restrictions are two-fold: the page must be translated already (if you see translation codes when you append ?uselang=debug to the URL, then it's translated), and the FAQ must be a perfect fit. We don't want to link FAQs that are only kinda related.

So if anyone comes across a translated page that could use a link, post a comment with the URL of the page, the place where the link could go, and the FAQ that should be linked.

Thanks in advance for all your help

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