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S2 FAQs #4: The new S2 category re-ordered, and a rewrite of one of the new FAQs.

* Rearranged the new (and old) S2 FAQs to the following order:

[edit] (10) {170} How do I customize my journal using S2?
[edit] (20) {171} Why are not all customization options available for all S2 layouts? ** see below
[edit] (30) {145} I am using S2. Why are some customization options not available?
[edit] (40) {169} What is a Link List? How do I put a Link List in my S2 style?
[edit] (70) {172} Where can I go to learn more about advanced S2 customization?

* Renamed 171 to "Which options are currently supported by each public S2 layout?". Go read the text, because it's too big to copy here. (Yes, I messed up the title on that one the first time around -- I forgot about 145.)

PLEASE, please, please look over that FAQ and see if there are any discrepancies between both lists, and if there are any missing features in each layout. I checked the list twice, and very carefully, but I'm only human. Likewise, I'm virtually certain that I have all the paid-only benefits flagged, but I may have missed some.

Posting this now so you all (well, those of you who are still up) can look over that list and catch any errors. Moving on:

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