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A reminder, a whomp, and a call-to-attention


When you post about a particular FAQ, please link to that FAQ in the subject or body of the post, because readers of your proposal will want to see the current version.

Also, remember to post the category that your proposal affects in the subject. People have been pretty good about this new thing, but a quick reminder can't hurt.


I did some whomping today, and am also summarizing some other changes. I'm lazy so I'm not saying who did what. :) Rah's big S2 thing and some other S2-related changes are not included as part of this summary, but we should all hail the Rah (and others!) for making things so spiffy in that area!

FAQ 111: Updated to include the new method of contacting Abuse.

FAQ 142: Slight wording change to clarify how to find your invite codes that you just generated.

FAQ 104: Change to the last paragraph to tell you to go to FAQ 55 to finish creating and start using your journal.

FAQ 55: Added a bit of verbiage linking to the feature summary (/site/about.bml), the Account Management page (/manage/) and the Site Map (/site/). Emma removed the link to the guide, because the guides are AWOL right now.

FAQ 8: Added a note that exported files can't be imported.

FAQ 127: Linked to 104.

FAQ 149: Clarified which accounts have what type of RSS feeds, and when protected entries are shown in the feed.

FAQ 84: Removed bit about removing people from the comm's friends list, because you don't do it like that anymore.

FAQ 33: Changed reference to ways of editing journal to a reference to FAQ 2.
FAQ 2: Added a bit of information about editjournal.bml.
Just one [link], cause they're related and there's no entry for the FAQ 2 change.

FAQ 85: Community search info was added back in, and slightly updated to reflect the changes in the way comms appear (they are always separate now, not mixed).

FAQ 24: Reorganized this FAQ so that information flow is more coherent. (Referenced entry was the source of this, but the changes are more than that.)

FAQ 47: Added note about how to add memories if you don't have access to the buttons (custom S2 styles or ASG until its bug is fixed), distinguished between methods of finding the memory button for regular site scheme pages and S2-customized pages.

FAQ 7: Added note that modify.bml allows you to choose an S1 style. This lack seemed to me to outweigh the 48-hour thing.

FAQ 1: Now links to editpics.bml#upload instead of /uploadpic.bml.

FAQs 145, 14, 174: Minor wording thingies.
FAQ 171: Layout/Style consistency fix.

FAQ 177: Wording adjustments.


This proposal of leora's and ladydiana's needs more attention. Comment, propose wording, etc.

Likewise with timwi's proposal for setting site options, and a suggestion to make a new FAQ for that.

Also, I'm starting to be confused about when (Paid|Permanent|Early Adopter|Free) Account should be capitalized and when it shouldn't be. Same for layer and the layer types in S2 (there was some controversy about this in the FAQ 177 rewording discussion).

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