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Scheme FAQ

OK, here's a suggestion for a scheme FAQ, which I would suggest putting into the 'Site Navigation Features' section:

(No url, since it's new *grin*)

How can I change the appearance of the main LiveJournal page?

The appearance of the main LiveJournal page, as well as many other pages (such as the User Info page and View Comments page) is controlled by a 'scheme'. When you first connect to LiveJournal, you use the default scheme, but you can either change your preferences so that you always use a different scheme, or view individual pages using a particular scheme.

To change your preferences and select the scheme you will normally use, go to - this page shows previews of the currently available schemes. Click on the scheme that you would like to use, and it will take over from your current scheme.

To view an individual page using a particular scheme, add "?usescheme=name" to the end of the URL, where 'name' is the name of the scheme that you would like to use. For instance, to view the main LiveJournal page without any graphics, you could use the 'lynx' scheme. The URL would read like this:

To find out the names of the currently available schemes, go to and hover your mouse over the preview pictures for each scheme.

I've tried to future-proof the FAQ by avoiding mention of what schemes are currently available, although I suspect lynx will have a long life because there will always be a group of users who want an ultra-lean scheme.

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