Leora (leora) wrote in lj_userdoc,

The Fast Servers

What are the fast servers?
74 needs a total re-write and, I think, a name change.

What are the paid account benefits?
131 could use some minor editing.

I suggest we re-name the first to:
How do paid users get faster access?

Change the second FAQ to say, Faster access to LivejOurnal.
Where it currently say, "Access to the faster "paid user" servers"

Then to re-write the first. Although, I don't actually know exactly how it works, so this will probably need revision.

Actually, I think it sucks. But maybe someone can write something good.

Free users have an artificial throttle on their commands. This limits how quickly they can use LiveJournal, but keeps the overall use of LiveJournal to a more reasonable level, thus minimizing the risk of overall site slowness or outages.

Paid users, however, have no artificial throttling. Their access to LiveJournal is limited only by their own internet access and the site's current status. As such, problems that affect the cluster a paid user is on will still affect paid accounts. However, a paid user will have faster access than a free user, and on average paid users will always have faster, more reliable service than free users.

Since buying a paid account will not affect the cluster you are on, buying a paid account should increase the speed and performance you experience compared to leaving your account free.

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