Starla  /  絵芽理・梨賦 (starladear6) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Starla  /  絵芽理・梨賦

FAQ #16 "deleting journal" suggestion

Might FAQ 16 include something about what happens if a user wishes to reactivate a deleted journal after it has been purged?

I saw a recent support request, and it led me to realize that this information might be helpful in the FAQs. If this information is elsewhere on the site, where? I seem to remember reading something about purged data being unable to be retrieved, but that the journal could still be reactivated. However, I can't find anything resembling that now. (Is that correct, btw? Edit: I'm now guessing that it's not because of FAQ 25 and an approved support answer)

I see that FAQ 126 talks about manually deleting journal content, which might even be cross-referenced with FAQ 16 if any changes are made.

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