Chris Rothbauer (redfarmer) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Chris Rothbauer

What can I do with my account?

whitaker suggested here that we ought to have a feature matrix so that newspaper and magazine writers have no excuse when they don't exactly get things accurate. This got me to thinking that perhaps we could do something similar to replace FAQ 131 explaining the benefits of each account.

In my scheme, the accounts would be listed in this order: Free, Early Adopter, Paid, Permanent. The reason for this is so, instead of repeating features for each account, you could just start off each list with a statement such as "Early Adopter accounts receive all of the features of a free account plus:". A link to FAQ 38 would be a must should this new FAQ be adopted.

This would provide a nice list that could be linked to from the front page should the developers choose to.


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