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Troubleshooting FAQ Proposal "Why is my date wrong?"

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<lj-cut text="Humorous"><If you have gunk I1s, you'll be able to reference the screened answers on <a href="">this request</a>, and everyone can see the <a href="">discussion about the requst</a>. This demonstrates the clear need for a new FAQ on the subject of date problems. If there are any relevant entries in the <lj user="howto"> journal, please let me know and I'll edit this proposal accordingly. (This was originally intended for <lj comm="lj_userdoc">, but was sent to <lj user="supportlounge"> by mistake. Thanks for <a href="">pointing out my mistake</a>, <lj user="opal1159">.)

b>FAQ: My date is wrong, how can I fix it?</b>
The first thing to consider when asking this question is whether its your date that's wrong, or just something they said. People make mistakes, and this doesn't make them bad or broken people.

If they said something that you disagree with, it is generally a good idea to express your disagreement in a lighthearted way. Pretending to agree tends not to work in the long term, but can be a useful short-term strategy if you aren't planning to maintain your current date for very long.

If you have the wrong date, it is recommended that you perform a graceful shutdown on your current date before starting another, as many dates are incompatible with each other and conflict issues may occur if you run them simultaneously. (Always check the help information on your date for information on compatibility issues relevant to parallel-processing systems.)

Please note that LiveJournal does not directly supply dates, and cannot be held responsible for their performance. This information has been provided as a courtesty to meet a demand for information on the subject. If you have aquired a date through a third-party service, please contact the service provider directly for all of your inquiries.</lj-cut>

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