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What features do I get with my account?

See my original post here regarding updating FAQ 131 to become a new FAQ which explains the features and benefits of all accounts.

New Title: What features do I receive with my account type?

LiveJournal currently has four different account types. With each account, you receive a different set of features which you can use with your account. For more information on the different account types, please see


* The ability to create and update a journal with unlimited journal entries using LiveJournal's web interface ( or a number of downloadable clients (
* The ability to choose from many predefined S1 and S2 styles (
* The ability to join and post in communities (
* The ability to create your own community with an invite code. (
* The ability to upload up to three userpics (
* The ability to do basic customization of your journal using overrides in S1 ( and the customization wizard in S2 (
* The ability to embed your LiveJournal into your website using frames (
* The ability to watch syndicated feeds ( with a quota of 0.99 syndicated points (
* The ability to categorize your journal entries for fast reference using memories (
* The ability to create a to-do list (
* The ability to create a user info page which contains information about you and how to contact you (
* A basic RSS feed of your journal ( .


Early adopter accounts, which are no longer available to new accounts (, receive all of the features of a free account, plus:

* Upload up to 6 user pictures instead of the normal 3 (
* Use the Directory (
* Create and edit custom S1 styles, enabling them to have full control over their journal layout (
* Access their journals using personalized subdomain names of the form (replacing "exampleusername" with their own usernames) in addition to the regular URL ( (Note: Do not include www. in the subdomain URL; this will cause you to receive an error message. If your username contains underscores, you may need to change the underscores to dashes to use your personalized subdomain.)


Paid accounts receive all of the benefits of Early Adopter accounts, plus:

* The ability to create a custom S2 style (
* Access to additional styles in the S2 style system (
* Ability to use all options in the S2 customization wizards (
* Access to S2's Advanced Customization area (
* Ability to create custom mood themes (
* Ability to find users popular amongst your friends (
* 10 user picture icons, rather than the 3 allowed to free users and 6 to early adopters (
* Ability to insert polls into your LiveJournal entries (
* Access to the complete range of options for embedding your journal into your home page (
* A email address (
* Ability to set up domain forwarding, so that your domain points to your LiveJournal (
* Access to the text messaging feature (
* Access to your Friends of Friends list (
* Ability to add other sites' syndicated feeds to your Friends list. ( Paid users are allowed to add up to 10 units worth of syndicated feeds.
* An RSS feed with the full text of your recent public entries (

For information on how to purchase a paid account, see


Permanent accounts receive all of the features of a paid account, plus:

* The ability to add up to 15 userpics rather than the 10 available to paid accounts (
* Add 30 points worth of syndicated feeds (

In addition to the above features and benefits, each account type receives a set of invite codes with which you can invite a friend to create their own LiveJournal or create a community or additional account for yourself. For more information on invite codes and how many each account type receives, see

For more information on how to create an account, see

The above rvisions will also require a revision to FAQ 38 but after typing out that revision, I'm too tired to even consider the other one tonight.

Please give me your thoughts on it. You won't hurt my feelings. After typing all of that I'm really tired so I'm sure there's mistakes.

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