Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

Minor smacking

PROPOSED FAQ: "How do I change my LiveJournal scheme?"

[syn] FAQ149 updated to say that you'll most often get only public posts through newsreaders

[lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc]
[gunk] Paid servers FAQ hidden, reference removed from FAQ131

[lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc]
PROPOSED FAQ: "How do I track who views my journal?"

[web-ui] added two-weeks-of-friends limit to FAQ92 ("where are my entries?")

[gunk] FAQ171 updated to describe that two S2 styles can also set font /sizes/

[gunk] FAQ125 now lists lj_maint as an official journal

[lj_userdoc] * [lj_userdoc]
PROPOSED REVISION: Change FAQ131 to "What can I do with my account?" or something like that.

FAQ138 renamed from "In what other ways can I customize my journal?" to "Where do I go to learn more about S1 customization?"

There are a couple more that I haven't dealt with, but they'll get dealt with, I promise. :)

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