Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

[docadmin] A Quick Reminder

We love you all, every single one of you. Really, we do.

But we'll love you more if you do (or continue doing) the following:

1/ Include the FAQ category of the FAQ in the subject of your lj_userdoc post. It'll help us a lot -- the Support admins only have access to edit FAQs in certain categories, and having the FAQ category there will draw their attention to it.

2/ If you don't do this already, please link to the FAQ you're referring to somewhere in the body of your post. A patch went in recently that adds an "Edit this FAQ" link at the bottom of the FAQs we have access to edit, so linking to the FAQ serves two purposes: (a) it allows someone reading your post to quickly peek at the current contents of the FAQ, and (b) the FAQ editors can quickly progress to FAQ-editing from there. Most of you do this, anyway, but I thought it might be good to re-emphasize the good-ness of doing it. :)

This isn't policy, so no one should be pounced on for not doing either of these, but we'd like to strongly recommend that you do it.

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