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Update For Revision, "Features of Account"

After some feedback in my last post regarding my revision to FAQ 131, I've made some changes to my proposal. The biggest changes are:
  • The revision is now for FAQ 38, not FAQ 131.

  • FAQ 131 will be preserved to reflect the features of purchasing a paid account and a link will be added to FAQ 38 to reflect the features of paid account.

  • FAQ links are now below the feature in order to make the FAQ look much nicer.

  • Invite codes are now included in the features list.

Following are the revisions:

Revisions to FAQ 38:

New Title: What features do I receive with my account type?

LiveJournal currently has four different account types. With each account, you receive a different set of features which you can use with your account. For more information on how to create an account, see


LiveJournal's free account offers many features. Among these, users can:

* Create and update a journal with unlimited journal entries using LiveJournal's web interface ( or a number of downloadable clients (
* Generate one invite code after one week
* Choose from many predefined S1 and S2 styles
* Join and post in communities
* Create their own community with an invite code.
* Upload up to three userpics
* Customize their journal using overrides in S1 ( and the customization wizard in S2 (
* Embed their LiveJournal into their website using frames
* Watch syndicated feeds ( with a quota of 0.99 syndicated points
* Categorize their journal entries for fast reference using memories
* Create a to-do list
* Create a user info page which contains information about them and how to contact them
* Use a basic RSS feed of your journal


Early adopter accounts are accounts which were created before mid-September 2000. New accounts are no longer eligible to be early adopters. Early adopters receive all of the features of a free account, plus:

* Upload up to 6 user pictures instead of the normal 3
* Use the Directory
* Generate an additional 15 invite codes
* Create and edit custom S1 styles, enabling them to have full control over their journal layout
* Access their journals using personalized subdomain names of the form (replacing "exampleusername" with their own usernames) in addition to the regular URL ( (Note: Do not include www. in the subdomain URL; this will cause you to receive an error message. If your username contains underscores, you may need to change the underscores to dashes to use your personalized subdomain.)


Paid accounts receive additional benefits above and beyond those of free accounts. A full list of paid account benefits can be found at

For information on how to purchase a paid account, see


Permanent Accounts are usually given to LiveJournal developers or users who have volunteered a significant amount of time to the project. In the past, Permanent Accounts have also been sold, but these sales are infrequent. Any future sales of Permanent Accounts will be announced at In addition to having full access to the Paid Account benefits with no set expiration date, users with Permanent Accounts can:

* Add up to 15 userpics rather than the 10 available to paid accounts
* Add 30 points worth of syndicated feeds
* Generate five invitation codes per month

Revision to FAQ 131:

New paragraph at the end of the FAQ which reads:

Paid accounts also receive all of the features that free accounts receive. For a list of features available to free accounts, please see

Revision to FAQ 104:

New paragraph at the end of FAQ which reads:

For a list of features available with LiveJournal accounts, please see

Revision to FAQ 5:

New sentence at the end of first paragraph which reads:

A list of features available to free accounts can be found at

Once again, if you notice anything wrong, just let me know!

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