Chris Rothbauer (redfarmer) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Chris Rothbauer

New FAQ Proposal: Can I remove people from my friend of list?

GreatestJournal recently became the first LJ hybrid that I know of to implement a friend of kicker. To this effect, I feel we need to create a new FAQ which at least explains why LJ will never do this in the Friend & Security Level category. Lots of FAQs dance around this idea (61, 35, & 139 come to mind) but none of them blatently address this and it would be nice to have a cover all FAQ to point users to.

If the community agrees with me that this FAQ is needed, I would be willing to write it (I'm a sucker for pain with new and revised FAQs right now :P). I'd like some ideas on what we should include in it, though. The first that comes to mind is that instructions for hiding your friend of list should be moved from FAQ 61 to this new FAQ.

So let me know what you think.

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