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S2 Comment Pages

When answering a request about S2 comment pages (i.e. the kind that match the style of your journal), I realized that the only place (that I could find, at least) that the FAQ mentions that this is a paid-only feature is at the top of FAQ 175: My friends' comment pages are displaying in different styles. How do I change this?. This does not seem to be the intuitive place to look when a free user wants to find out why they can't use S2 comment pages.

I suggest that this information be put in FAQ 145: I am using S2. Why are some customization options not available? or at the top of FAQ 171: Which options are currently supported by each public S2 layout?.

This is assuming that none of the S2 styles support special comment page layouts for free users...which I believe is the case. Feel free to speak up if I'm wrong, though. I'm definitely not an S2 expert. :)

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