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Guide formats

To show what the BML and XML formats for Guides look like, I'll write out here a very simple Guide, using each format. This example is a Guide that lists the 4 existing Guides.

Here's a BML version, patterned after Gita's work:
TITLE=>LiveJournal Guide: List of Guides

(=H1 List of Guides H1=)

Four Guides have been put online so far. They are listed here.

<br><li><a href="">Getting Started</a>
<br><li><a href="">Free Accounts</a>
<br><li><a href="">Interests</a>
<br><li><a href="">Support Policy</a>

<CENTER>List compiled by (=LJUSER tribelessnomad LJUSER=)</CENTER>

... and here's the same document in XML (including several lines of added metadata):
<guide title="List of Guides">

<revstatus>This is only a sample document.</revstatus>
<author username="tribelessnomad" initials="AJW"/>
<revision number="1.0.1" date="June 18, 2001" username="tribelessnomad" initials="AJW">
Updated to reflect changes in how metadata is specified.

<section title="List of Guides">

<p>Four Guides have been put online so far. They are listed here.</p>

<li><lj-htdoc page="guide/start.bml">Getting Started</lj-htdoc></li>
<li><lj-htdoc page="guide/free.bml">Free Accounts</lj-htdoc></li>
<li><lj-htdoc page="guide/interests.bml">Interests</lj-htdoc></li>
<li><lj-htdoc page="guide/support.bml">Support Policy</lj-htdoc></li>


<acknowledge>List compiled by <lj user="tribelessnomad"/></acknowledge>

Details of the XML format will appear in a "Guide for authors of LJ Guides", which should be ready within a few weeks. Right now, I just wanted to give everyone a feel for how the Guides look in a text editor.

Update (June 18): The XML sample has been modified to reflect changes in the format.

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