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Userdoc mini-smackdown :)

[Troubleshooting] FAQ 33: Why are my journal entries showing an incorrect date/time?
Now indicates that time problems can also result when you use a browser with Javascript disabled.

[S2] FAQ 170: How do I customize my journal using S2?
Now reminds users that some options, such as mood icon theme choices, remain available through /modify.bml even when using S2.

[Comments] FAQ 62: How do I set up my messageboards and see comments?
Now provides help for both S1 and S2 users for comment link customization at the bottom.

[Embedding] FAQ 146: How do I change the appearance of my embedded journal?
General reorganization and addition of link to FAQ 21.

[S2] FAQ 171: Which options are currently supported by each public S2 layout?
Now includes the sentence "All public layouts support a choice between layout-styled comments pages and system-styled comments pages for users with Paid, Permanent, and Early Adopter accounts" in the top text.

[Paid Accounts] FAQ 131: What are the paid account benefits?
Added post-by-email bullet (sorry, Abe!).

[S1] FAQ 12: How do I change the font in my journal?
Updated based on timwi's draft, with the addition of a sentence about changing the font of just a few words.
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[Various] Account features revisions, latest version. This is almost, but not quite, ready to go.

[Comments -> Troubleshooting] Make FAQ 115 deal with all LJ nofitication issues.

[Friends and Security Levels (??)] New FAQ: Can I remove people from my friend-of list?

[Site Navigation (?)] New FAQ:
How do I change the appearance of the LiveJournal site
How do I change my LiveJournal scheme?

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