Chris Rothbauer (redfarmer) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Chris Rothbauer

New Draft For "Can I Remove Someone From My Friend Of List?" FAQ

Basically, all I've done is gone through and spruced up timwi's first draft of the FAQ some.

Specific Changes:
  • Changed some awkward wording.

  • Took out part about possible TOS violations.

  • Moved paragraph five to paragraph four and vice versa.

My original post is here.

Here is my draft:

Can I remove people from my "Friend of" list?

No, you cannot remove people from your "Friend of" list. This would be equivalent to removing yourself from that other person's friends list, but that friends list is not yours.

What this means is that you do not have any control over your "Friend of" list. LiveJournal has chosen to follow this policy in order to allow every user to have full control over their own friends list.

If you are concerned about your public entries displaying on another user's friends page, then please understand that this other user could equally well see your public entries on your main journal page. If you do not wish for certain people to be able to see certain entries, the only reliable way to do this is to make them friends-only or even private (

Please take note of the fact that just from being on your "Friend of" list, a user cannot invade your privacy or gain access to entries or information that they are not allowed to see. See for more information about this. Although your private entries will begin to show up on their friends page when you view it while you are logged in, this does not mean that the other person can also see them there.

Also, if you could remove someone from your "Friend of" list, then they could just add you back.

If you feel uncomfortable with a certain username displaying on your User Info page in the "Friend of" list, then there is the option to hide your "Friend of" list. You may do so on your Edit Personal Info page ( This will also hide your "Member of" list. You can't, however, hide your Friends list or the list of communities you have posting access to, because you have full control over both of these: you can always remove someone from your friends list ( and you can always leave a community (

It is, however, important to know that this does not make your "Friend of" list entirely inaccessible. For example, users with paid accounts can still use the directory ( to retrieve this information. Additionally, certain off-site tools may also have access to it.
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