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I'm not sure i shall post it here but since lj_support is closed..

..i write it here. If i am arong please suggest where shall i post it.

Well, now the post itself comes.

On the ru_support's userinfo page is stated that it it possible to submit Support Requests also in Russian.

However, this is not stated on the Support Request's submition page. So some of Russian-speaking users which dont speak English enough well and are not aware of possibility of submitting requests in their own language (because they dont's read ru_support) either don't submit Support Requests at all or post it in very obscure manner. [ here comes an example: http://www.livejournal.com/support/see_request.bml?id=166257 (for those who don't speak Russian: the answer was "some volunteers speak Russin, so please make a comment to this entry in Russian and ask your question again)].

So here comes my idea: why not to state on the submition page that it is possible to submit Support Requests not only in English, but also in Russian, German, French and so on (listing here all the languages the support volunteers can handle with)?

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