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FAQ 3 Editing Entries

As with the memory FAQ, if the user/community does not have comments turned on for that FAQ, the FAQ won't work with the web client. I suggest that after the paragraph about the web client a paragraph such as the following be inserted. It's almost an exact copy and paste from the memories FAQ with slight changes, mainly in the first sentence and to make it refer to the journal instead of your journal so it applies to communities as well.

If comments are not enabled for the entry you can access the entry through the calendar view. located at http://www.livejournal/users/username/calendar/ , where 'username' is the username for the journal the entry is in. On this page, you should see several links labelled "subjects", which will take you to a page where the journal is filtered by month. Following the links provided will take you to the "Read Comments" page of the entry specified by that date and time. (Don't worry if you do not enable your message boards; people will still not be able to comment in your journal). Finding the red heart button, as pointed out above, will take you to the "Add to Memories" page.
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