Making Friends With Shadows On My Wall (lovewithnoface) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Making Friends With Shadows On My Wall

In FAQ 171 there are two lists. One is a list of styles, and the other is a list of features.

Under the styles lists, paid/early adopter/permanent styles have an @ next to them and paid/early adopter/permanent features do as well.

Under the features lists, paid/early adopter/permanent styles (component and boxer) have an @ next to them and paid/early adopter/permanent have a # next to them.

But, some features are available to free users for only some styles. If a free user looks under the features area, it will appear to them as not available to them at all for free S2 users.

Therefore, I recommend that this be changed. Under the features section, paid/early adopter/permanent styles should have an @ next to them. If the feature is not available to a free user for a specific style (but the style is), then the style (which is listed under the feature) should have a # next to it.

For example, displaying a user picture next to each entry appears like so in the FAQ:

* A Sturdy Gesture
* Classic
* @ Component
* Magazine
* Notepad
* Punquin Elegant
* Tabular Indent
* @ The Boxer

But, this feature is available to free Notepad users:

* @ Changing comment text
* Color customization
* Next, Memory, Edit (etc) icons on Entry View page
* Number of journal entries on Recent and Friends pages
* Old-style comment pages
* Page background image
* Shared journal user pictures instead of poster's user picture
* User pictures next to each journal entry.

I also recommend that the specific names for the features be set. At the moment "User pictures next to each journal entry" is also "# USER PICTURES ON RECENT ENTRIES" and this can be confusing to many users.

Edited to say:

For reference, a complete table of what is paid/free/not customizable can be found here:


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