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Proposed New FAQ Topic: User Profiles

Updated I: November 27, 2001 @ 15:48 EST
Updated II: November 27, 2001 @ 16:01 EST (kyrielle [Grammar Police])

User Profiles (view all)

  • How Do I List a User's Profile
  • What are Support Points? How do I get Support Points?
  • What does mean Comments Posted and Comments Received?

How Do I List My Profile
There are two different version of listing a user's profile: brief and full mode. In the brief mode, the basic information about the user/community is displayed:

  • User/Community name
  • Name of the User/Community Information
  • Birthday (if enabled for public viewing)
  • Location (if enabled for public viewing)
  • Related Website (if any)
  • User/Community Background Information
  • Memories
  • Interests
  • Friends
  • Friend of
  • Member of
  • Account Type

In the full mode, you are given the same information as brief but with some additional information:

  • Date created
  • Date updated
  • Clients used
  • Journal entries
  • Support points (if any)
  • Comments
  • Shared Journal Access

You can access the full mode of any user/community by adding "?mode=full" to the end of URL accessing the user/community profile. For example, will only give you the brief mode, will give you the full mode.

What are Support Points? How do I get Support Points?
LiveJournal has a group of volunteers who donate their time and knowledge helping other LiveJournal users, answering support questions ( Each support request is assigned with a support point value, generally all requests are worth one (1) point with the exception of Customization (worth 2 points).

~~~ thanks to leora input ~~~
In order for an answer to receive points, it must first be approved by someone with supportpriv. Screened answers are only visible to people with supportpriv and the person who made the screened answer. In most cases the first correct answer is approved. But even if your answer appears to be first, there may be several answers before it that you can't see.

The points awarded are set at the time the answer is given. The request will appear to gain in point value, because requests that remain open for a long time are often more difficult. So a request can give a support volunteer any amount of points from 1 to 10, but most end up at the 1 or 2 point level.

Detailed questions about support requests or helping out should generally be addressed in learn_support and the memories for that community contain answers to several frequently asked questions.

What doComments Posted and Comments Received mean?
Comments posted are comments you have written in your own or someone else's journal entries. Comments received are comments that others have written in response to you on your own journal entries.

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