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FAQ 114 minor change

I happened upon FAQ 114 (What happens to my paid account when it expires?) and noticed that it still makes reference to the old limit of 10 userpics for paid users.

Paragraph seven states:
If you have uploaded 10 user pictures, they will remain visible in all old entries or comments that you made using that user picture. However, the database will tag your least-used icons as "inactive" -- you will not be able to choose to use those pictures in the future, on new comments or entries, until your account status changes again. Also, if you want to add a new picture, you will be required to delete some of the existing pictures in order to be at the correct number for your account status. See for more information.

10 should become 15, obviously (although perhaps retooling the wording around it wouldn't hurt, either, as the statement as written says that it's true only if you've uploaded exactly 10 (soon to be 15) pictures. The intent is that the statement is true if you've uploaded more than your previous account type (or a free user if the journal was created as a paid user)).

I'm tired and that made sense to me, and I think you can figure out what I'm trying to say. :) At a minimum, the "10" needs to be changed to "15".


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