Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

LJ USERDOC SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!!11!!!!111lolol!

Okay, gang, here's the deal. As expected, the userdoc crew have been dealing with lots of other things (like school, RSI, other LiveJournal responsabilities, etc) and so I apologize for the length of time it took for some of these things to be dealt with. I finally kicked into gear and smacked through all of lj_userdoc up till now. The things that've changed since the last Smackdown Report are listed behind the cut. Beware, the list is huge.

Lots of FAQs have been added in this round, and several FAQs were re-titled. I'd encourage everyone to run through this list just to make sure you're abreast (hee hee, I said breast) of the newest changes in userdoc land.

I have dealt with pretty much everything before this post. If I missed something or if I commented at you for more information, please make a new post. Anything before this is likely to get lost, so it's easier on us all to make a new post. Thanks a bunch.

And now, behold the end-result of two hours of userdoc smacking. :)

[link] FAQ179 created: "What is "watching"? Can I view communities separately from the rest of my friends list?"

[link] FAQ115: "Where are my comment notification emails?" renamed to "Why am I unable to receive email from LiveJournal?" and moved to the Troubleshooting category. The content was adjusted to expand the scope of the FAQ to all emails.

[link] * [link] FAQ185 created: "Can I remove people from my "Friend of" list?"

[link FAQ186 created: "How do I change the appearance of the main LiveJournal page?"

[link] FAQ125 updated to include lj_backend as one of the official LJ comms.

[link] FAQ45 ("How do community journals work?") has been hidden and all information has been merged into FAQ77 ("What is a community?")

[link] FAQ180 created: "How can I buy more user pictures?"

[link] FAQ46 updated to say that permanent account holders have 50 userpics now.

[link] FAQ132 updated to be a bit less scheme-specific in giving directions to set the default language.

[link] FAQ131 updated to say that you can purchase 35 extra userpics with the userpic package.

[link] FAQ126 renamed from "Can I delete all my entries but keep my username?" to "How do I delete all my entries without deleting my account?" and content modified to accommodate new name.

[link] FAQ153 and FAQ178 changed to refer to "syndication units" rather than "syndication points", to be more consistent with /syn/

[link] FAQ113 renamed from "How do I check my LiveJournal email?" to "How do I read and manage my LiveJournal email?" to include the fact that the FAQ deals with disabling the alias as well.

[link] FAQ119 updated to be more clear on how to edit/delete an entry in a community journal.

[link] FAQ182 created: "What is weblogs.com, and how can I notify them of updates?"

[link] FAQ131 and FAQ153 both updated to say that paid accounts now have 20 syn units, rather than the 10 they had before.

[link] FAQ142 updated to say that if you give someone a code, you'll see their username on /invite/

[link] FAQ75 updated to say that lj comm and lj user tags are the same, and lj user now auto-detects.

[link] FAQ187 created: "How do I post to my LiveJournal by email?"

[link] FAQ129 updated to remove some really really old instructions.

[link] FAQ46 and FAQ131 to reflect that paid users' regular userpic limit was bumped up to 15.

[link] FAQ71 underwent various minor changes.

[link] FAQ85 updated to say that the Community Search now works, but only if you do it the right way. :p

[link] FAQ130, FAQ6 and FAQ97 all updated to specify remote loading to LJ, rather than just any place.

[link] FAQ183 updated to specify that you get 15 phoneposts per calendar month (15 in november, 15 in december, etc) rather than 15 every 30 day period.

[link] FAQ183 updated to describe how many times you can transcribe a phonepost, that friends can't edit, that the last transcription is saved for you, that once you transcribe, no one else can, etc.

[link] FAQ21 updated to specify that international users can use paypal to pay

[link] FAQ114 updated to say "more than 3 userpics (or 6 if you're an EA)" instead of "if you've uploaded 10 userpics" -- with userpic packages and whatnot, there are more cases to deal with, so it's better to deal with "more than X" rather than "less than Y"

[link] FAQ46 minor housekeeping to this FAQ.

[link] FAQ32 updated to say that you can select a preset mood and type in another mood and the icon fromt he preset mood will show up with the mood you type in.

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