Chris Rothbauer (redfarmer) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Chris Rothbauer

New Draft For FAQ 38

Most of the changes I proposed to this FAQ are now redundent. Therefore, I propose that it now be changed to the following:

When viewing a user's User Info page, you can see what their account type is. The different account types are Free Account, Early Adopter, Paid Account, and Permanent Account.

All account types receive a basic set of benefits. In addition, by purchasing a paid account, you receive an additional package of benefits not available to free accounts. A full list of these benefits is available at A chart comparing the benefits of free and paid accounts can be found at

Early Adopter accounts are accounts that were created before mid-September 2000 and are no longer available to new accounts. In addition to the benefits of free accounts, Early Adopters can:

* Upload up to 6 user pictures.
* Use the Directory (
* Create and edit custom styles, enabling them to have full control over their journal layout (
* Access their journals using personalized subdomain names of the form (replacing "exampleusername" with their own usernames) in addition to the regular URL (
* Generate a base of 15 invitation codes.

Permanent Accounts are usually given to LiveJournal developers or users who have volunteered a significant amount of time to the project. In the past, Permanent Accounts have also been sold, but these sales are infrequent. Any future sales of Permanent Accounts will be announced at In addition to having full access to the Paid Account benefits with no set expiration date, users with Permanent Accounts can:

* Upload up to 50 user pictures.
* Add 30 units worth of syndicated feeds (
* Generate 5 invitation codes per month.

For more detailed information about invitation codes, see

To learn more about the number of user pictures you can have, see
I'm really tired and kind of feeling sick so I'm not sure if I worded it well. I guess we'll see.

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