Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ #6: No, you can't upload images directly into entries

Inspired by this G/Unk support request (esp. aquariumgirl's approval comment), I notice that FAQ 6: How do I add images to my journal entries or user bio? currently does not specifically state that you cannot upload images directly from your hard disk into an entry. Many novices think that this should obviously the way to add an image to an entry.

Here is what I wrote in the Support request:
It is not possible to upload a picture from your hard disk directly into an entry. In order to add an image to your entry, you must first locate a Web server that you can upload the image to. This is necessary because other users need to have access to the image in order to display it; however, users do not generally have access to the hard disk in your computer.
Since, as I mentioned, most people believe that it is possible to put an image directly into an entry, I think this should go right at the top of the FAQ.
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