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Everything up to this point has been dealt with, I believe. If your suggestion has not yet been dealt with, please make a new top-level post to the community with suggested revisions and text, if necessary. It's difficult to keep tracking things that occur before these posts (we use these smackdown posts as starting points for new smackdowns, so anything before this has a higher likelihood of getting lost).

Since today's Thanksgiving here in the US, I'd like to thank everyone for forming an awesome team. To the Support/Doc Admins, who make the changes that others suggest in here, thanks! To everyone who posts those changes to the FAQs, thanks! To everyone who comments on those changes, thanks! To everyone who's suggested new FAQs, thanks! And to everyone else who helps keep userdoc moving, thanks!

So without further ado, here are the changes for this week.

[link] FAQ38 -- "What are the different account types?" -- updated to refer to http://www.livejournal.com/site/accounts.bml

[link] FAQ64 -- "How do I create a custom mood theme?" -- updated to include information on recovering a lost moodtheme ID, and a note that once a moodtheme is created, it can't be deleted.

[link] FAQ11 -- "How do I get validated?" -- updated to reference the "new way" to get validated, through register.bml, rather than by requesting a lost password email. Woo hoo!

[link] FAQ167 -- "What is a cluster? Which cluster is my account stored on?" -- title changed from "What cluster" to "Which cluster"

[link] FAQ6 -- "How do I add pictures to my entries?" -- updated to say that you need to upload it somewhere and that you can't just copy-paste or reference a file on your computer.

[link] FAQ15 -- "How do I screen/delete/whatever comments?" -- updated to say that you can't delete comments you make anonymously.

[link] FAQ15 -- "How do I screen/delete/whatever comments?" -- updated to include a "you can't undelete comments" remark in the deleting comments section.

[link] FAQ171 and FAQ175 updated to remove the mention that EA's can use custom S2 comment pages.

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