Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

[entries] FAQ6 - "How do I add images?"

A paragraph was added to the end of FAQ6 saying that you can't reference pictures from your hard drive, and that you can't copy-paste pictures into an entry, either. While discussion was geared toward adding that paragraph to the beginning of the FAQ, I had added it to the end -- because the mention of remote loading, having a webserver, etc. tied into that paragraph quite well.

However, as discussion for that paragraph dealt more with adding it to the beginning -- because it's one of the first things you'd need to know -- I'm suggesting something a bit different. Why not move both paragraphs to the beginning, so that the format of the FAQ will be:

-- you can't use pictures on your hard drive
-- you need a webserver, remote loading, FAQ130
-- here's the HTML for adding pictures

What do you all think about that? I think I recall discussion on moving the link to FAQ130 to the beginning of the FAQ, but I may just be loopy. So, yeah. Comments?

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