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[paidaccounts] Addition to FAQ 187: Post by e-mail using PGP "signing"

burr86 asked me to drum up a few extra lines for FAQ 187 which explains the LiveJournal side of posting by e-mail using PGP/GnuPG. So, here they are:
    Some e-mail clients support the sending of e-mails which have been digitally "signed" using the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or GnuPG encryption algorithm, to prove the identity of the sender. Information on PGP can be found at, and information on GnuPG can be found at

    Providing your e-mail client has been configured to support digitally-signed e-mail (please see your client's documentation for more details), you can use your "public key" as an alternative means of identification, and you will not need to disclose your chosen PIN. You can paste your public key into the field provided on; once you have clicked the "Save Settings" button, this key can be accessed via the yellow key icon on your User Information Page (

    Instructions on how to post by e-mail using PGP/GPG message signing can be found on
As an aside, I believe it's grammatically incorrect to refer to e-mail as "Email" or "email". If the faqedits plan on including this text verbatim, I'd like to see all other occurrences of "email" hyphenated.
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