A (beginning) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ #183: Add something about long-distance charges?

FAQ #183: How do I record an audio post to my journal? does not currently include any information on long-distance charges. You have to follow that FAQ to /phonepost/ and then from there to /phonepost/numbers.bml before you get the "Caution" message.

Can we please add something to #183 about long-distance charges? I'm not sure what wording we'd want to use, but it should hit on the following points:

1) Just because you live near one of the cities listed, that does not mean you won't incur long-distance charges by calling the number given. That number might still be outside of your local calling area.

2) If you call a number outside of your local calling area, you're possibly going to get charged for long-distance.

3) If you're outside of the U.S., you're most likely going to be charged the international rate.

There would also need to be a line or two saying that all calling plans are different, especially since many providers allow for free long-distance during certain time periods, so they'd need to consult their provider ahead of time if they want to know the approximate cost.

Whatever wording is used (most of you are better at figuring wording out than I am), it can go after the link to /phonepost/numbers.bml that's already in the FAQ.

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