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[s1] suggestion to change title of "Why has my overrides box disappeared?"

FAQ 174 is currently called "Why has my overrides box disappeared?" and I'm finding that this FAQ title, from a support point of view, isn't as useful as it could be.

Support requests tend to come in saying things like "My modify journal page is only displaying the option to change my moods? why! help?!"

Perhaps it could be more useful to support, and to the general userbase if it was renamed to something like "Why is my Modify Journal page missing some options?" or "Why does my Modify Journal page look different". Personally I think it should have some reference to the Modify Journal page rather than "overrides box".

Changing this would probably mean a bit of the FAQ would need to be changed to say "You have selected the S2 style system, which is not controlled by http://www.livejournal.com/modify.bml". rather than ".... not controlled by overrides". Since the style and colour stuff is gone too.

Edit: But then some aspects of journal *are* controlled by Modify, like the moods. So that will have to fit in somehow without being long and babbly. </edit>

Comments? Opinions? Rotten fruit?

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