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FAQ #186 (managing site scheme) is misleading.

How do I change the appearance of the main LiveJournal pages?

There's a line in here that is misleading.

"...but you can either change your preferences so that you always use a different scheme..."

You won't always use a different scheme; you'll view a different scheme when logged in. When you're not logged in, the site will always display in XColibur (and English). You can only view the site in Lynx or Dystopia when not logged in if you use usescheme.

Can we stick a line in there saying that, once you've made your changes, they will only apply when logged in? It can go between the 3rd and 4th paragraphs. The 4th paragraph can also be edited to include a brief line saying that you can still use usescheme to get out of XColibur if you're not logged in. The part in the first paragraph that says "When you first use LiveJournal" is also rather undesirable, but I'll settle for this unless someone can think of better wording to replace it with.

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