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This FAQ explains how to edit or delete a post in a community. However, it does not explain that if you are a maintainer of a community, wishing to delete a post from the said community, you must be logged in as the maintainer. Seems obvious to many of us because we're community maintainers ourselves, but some people don't catch on to that. ;)

Also, the following paragraph is a little confusing:

While editing entries, if you receive an error message that states "Client error: Invalid text encoding: Cannot display non-Unicode posts unless default encoding has been selected", see This process will need to be done by the community maintainer, while logged in as the community journal.

Since the FAQ is about editing and deleting posts from a community, the last line about having to be logged in as the community journal may make people think that any editing or deleting may have to be done while logged in as the community.

Or, it might be a good idea to just add a new FAQ to the community management category that explains how to delete posts if you're the maintainer. Okee, that is all.

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