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Alrighty, here's this week's smackdown. Everything up to this post has been dealt with. If it hasn't been dealt with, make a new post -- it's going to get lost, otherwise. Much thanks to lyspeth for making lots of changes this week, saving me some time. :)

[link] FAQ174 -- "Why is my Modify Journal page missing some options?" -- title changed from "Why did my overrides box disappear?" and text adjusted accordingly.

[link] FAQ23 -- "How do I enable/disable anonymous commenting in my journal?" -- added a bit that says you may also choose to only allow friends to comment.

[link] FAQ148 -- "What are LJ's limitations on data?" -- expanded to say that you use OPT_ITEMS in S1, or /customize/ in S2.

[link] FAQ26 -- "What does the "Don't auto-format" option do?" -- text regarding lj-raw massaged just a bit.

[link] a handful of FAQs which formerly referred to "syndication units" now refer to "syndication units"

[link] FAQ119 -- "Can I edit/delete an entry in a community journal?" -- updated to specifically say that you can delete stuff from the community as the maintainer, and that you can change encodings while logged in as maintainer

[link] FAQ15 -- "Can I edit/delete/screen a comment I posted or that was posted in my journal?" -- updated to specifically state under what circumstances you can delete/screen comments.

[link] Various FAQs updated regarding limits on S2 link lists.

[link] FAQ188 "How do I track people who visit my journal? How do I add a counter to my journal?" added

[link] * [link] a whole slew of invite-code FAQ related changes.

[link] FAQ56 -- "What is LiveJournal?" -- updated to refer to xcolibur-centric instructions (since the FAQ is most likely going to be read by people who haven't changed their default scheme).

[link] FAQ171 -- various cleanup things, nothing major yet.

[link] FAQ164 -- "How do I make a suggestion?" (or whatever it's called) -- updated to reflect the new process.

[link] FAQ169 and FAQ171 both updated to say that Generator and Classic both have linklist support.

[link] FAQ101 -- "How do I join a community?" -- updated to say that comms can't join other comms anymore.

[link] FAQ76 -- "How do I post in a community?" -- expanded to include information on non-member posting.

[link] FAQ79 -- "What are the options regarding open and closed communities?" -- text expanded to talk about all of the different options you can set for a community, and title changed to "What are the various membership and posting settings for communities?"

[link] FAQ55 -- "How do i get started?" -- gutted out and category hidden, all content was merged into FAQ104 -- "How do I create an account? How do I get started?"

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