Khalid (khalidz0r) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Interests, the Directory, and Searching for users

I have a few points related to the FAQ and I hope you bear with me because this is my first post here.

First of all, in How are interests limited?, the fact that interests are limited to four words is not mentioned. I propose something as similar to that:

To keep the load on our database server light, the following limits are currently imposed on the interests list of each user:

* There is an overall limit of 150 interests per journal.
* Although an interest can consist of more than one word, the limit is four words with single spaces between them.
* Each interest can have up to four words, and there is a 50-character limit per interest. If you submit an interest using more than 50 characters, it will not show up on your userinfo page.
-- It's already there, blind me.

Secondly, in What is the Directory? How do I use this feature?, the FAQ mentions something about adding yourself to the directory. I am not sure if that is due to an older behavior in the directory, but I believe it currently contains all users by default. The part I am talking about is this:

If you have recently tried adding yourself to the Directory, please keep in mind that it is not automatically updated. If you are a new user or have recently changed your settings, it can take between 3 and 12 hours for the updates to take effect. Also, you will not be able to find your listing in the Directory if you have a Free Account, because Free Users do not have access to it.

I think this part does not apply anymore.

Finally, I believe this question (And maybe an additional separate question too) should inform users that free users can still search for others by username, email, interest ... etc by using the form that's available in every page (The multisearch.bml one). I tried looking for that in the FAQ and failed, so even if it is there, I don't think it's easy to find. Adding this would prevent angry users who think they cannot search for there friends in LiveJournal.

Thanks, and appreciate any useful feedback.

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