Steven Thompson (loozinmyslf4ya) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Steven Thompson

Each user must have their own unique username. Your username is what appears in the address to your journal and what you use to log into the server. It also shows up when you post comments in other people's journal.

I think when we say that, it is too complex for those who are computer illiteriate, and it completely will screw them up. I feel as though we should eliminate sounding too technical, and begin to sound more professional.

You wouldn't see someone like Yahoo! say, "Use this form to log into the Yahoo!.com servers, blah blah blah..."

Do you all see what I mean?

Update: I took that quote from htdocs/create.bml, AKA, the Create an Account page (

Also, I don't understand why people don't see why I am expressing this issue.
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