Chris Rothbauer (redfarmer) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Chris Rothbauer

Proposed New FAQ

I would like to propose a new FAQ which addresses an issue that seems to be coming up more and more lately in support.

This FAQ addresses the fact that LiveJournal no longer uses "fast servers".
[Link 1] [Link 2]

Title: Why does LiveJournal no longer use "fast servers" for paid users?

In the past, paid users were able to access LiveJournal's servers using a seperate set of servers which allowed paid users to access LiveJournal faster than free users. A new process called 'memcached' was recently introduced which allows all users to access LiveJournal more efficiently, regardless of account type. Because of this, fast servers were eliminated since they no longer served a viable function. An explanation of memecached can be found at

If you are having trouble accessing pages on LiveJournal, it is unlikely that fast servers would have eliminated this problem as many problems have always affected all users regardless of account type. Information on why you may be having trouble accessing pages on LiveJournal can be found at

Also, fast servers did not affect what cluster your account was stored on since fast servers only determined what servers you used to access LiveJournal. Many problems on LiveJournal are caused by temporary issues which affect a specific cluster of users. These cluster issues can be found in the lj_maintenance journal ( and the status page ( when they occur. Information on clusters can be found at
What do you guys think? I thought about including a TOS disclaimer but I'd like for this to be a more "friendly" and informative FAQ than that.
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