Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ #93

FAQ #93: I no longer want my community. What are my options?

I suggest to change the following things in this FAQ:
  • Firstly, why are we using lj_userdoc as an example rather than examplecomm? The latter was not yet registered, so I went ahead and created it, so I think we should use it for the same purpose as exampleusername. Update: rahaeli has taken control of examplecomm.
  • After the example command, change_journal_type lj_userdoc person, I propose to add this sentence:
    Existing entries will remain in the journal the way they are. They will neither be deleted, nor will their author change to the journal's name.
  • Is there any particular reason for the very last sentence, "Please note that the community should not be an official LiveJournal community."? Are there any official LiveJournal communities maintained by people whom we don't trust to not delete them?
So far my ideas.
Tags: cat-comm-manage, faq93, status-resolved

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