Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ #150, editing URLs of syndicated accounts

This FAQ currently reads:

If the feed URL for a syndicated account that you watch changes, causing the syndicated account to stop functioning, then it is possible for the feed URL to be changed. To have this done, please email support@livejournal.com, stating the username of the account, and the desired feed URL.

Which I did like a good user, and to my surprise, found that I had opened a support request.

If I had known that opening a support request was the necessary procedure, I would have done so from within the support area--which would have put it in the right category, not posted a un-mangled e-mail address (not a big deal for me, but unexpected) and so forth. I only sent an e-mail because that's what the FAQ said to do. So, is there a reason the FAQ specifies e-mailing support rather than opening a request?

Tags: cat-syn, faq150, status-rejected

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