Roy (owdbetts) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Getting help, reporting bugs

Some time ago I submitted a support request reporting a doc bug, and was told that support was the wrong place to do this, and that I should post to lj_userdoc. FAQ #57 was also referenced.

I strikes me that "How can I help?" is an unlikely place I would look in order to find out how to report a doc bug. In any case, FAQ #57 doesn't really make it clear that this is the right place to do that (if indeed it is). In fact, the ‘about’ for this community doesn't really make that clear, either.

But it just struck me that there is no obvious information in the FAQ about getting help and reporting problems. FAQ questions like the following don't seem to exist in the FAQ (unless I'm being blind).

  • How do I get help if I'm having problems using Livejournal?
  • I believe I've found a bug in Livejournal; how should I report it?
  • I believe I've found a mistake in the Livejournal documentation; how should I report it?
And I don't actually know the answers to the last two questions...


ETA: I'm somewhat of the opinion that the last question in any FAQ should be The FAQ doesn't answer my question; what should I do?

Tags: cat-about, status-rejected

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