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Proposal: The FAQ didn't answer my question or fix my problem. What can I do now?

(Not a joke this time *innocent smile*)

The FAQ didn't answer my question or fix my problem. What can I do now?

If you've searched through the FAQs and you can't find the information you are looking for, the following resources are available to help you resolve issues and find information:
This site is hosted separately from LiveJournal and will provide information about major issues that take place while they are happening. For more information, see
The LiveJournal support page provides information about current issues that are affecting many users, and describes solutions to some of them. This page provides more information than the status site, which is mainly used in emergencies. The support page also links to a form that allows you to make a request from the LiveJournal support volunteers. Support volunteers can help resolve issues or refer you to another area.

Support volunteers provide user support, not developer support. Software developers and system administrators should look to the officially sponsored journals for support in most cases.

Suggestions system
If you would like to suggest new features or an enhancement to an existing feature, please consult

Officially Sponsored Journals
A number of journals are officially sponsored, and are actively monitored by LiveJournal developers, support volunteers or managers (depending on the particular journal). Some of these journals are: - Major announcements from LiveJournal Management - Tips and tricks for using LiveJournal effectively - Tips and tricks for the S2 style system - An area for developers to discuss LiveJournal source code and APIs. Bugs should be reported via and not to the lj_dev community.

A complete list of officially sponsored journals can be found at
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