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Today I've been struggling with creating a moodtheme. The problem is that it's damn hard to find a list of moods with mood IDs. I looked in the moodtheme guide - and when it comes to IDs it points to this page:

Alas, the moodlist page is totally new and doesn't show the IDs of moods anymore. A friend told me to add "&mode=tree" at the end of any moodtheme URL to have it displayed as a "tree" - but I have no idea how she knew this... Anyway, thanks to her my struggle came to an end. But not everybody has friends who know that much, so...

I believe the easiest way to fix this is to make a completly new page with just a list of moods, and have the guide point to it. (I'd suggest a three views page: alphabetical order, by mood IDs and as a tree, but that might not be the best moment for this ^^)

Apart from that, it would be good to include the option to select the view mode on moodlist.bml, so that you wouldn't have to know you've got to add that tricky "&mode=tree" to your link... By the way - are there any other modes...? =)

And as I'm at the subject of moodthemes already - another suggestion: If you want to show your moodtheme to a friend, you have to add "&userid=[ID]" to the URL, but not everybody knows that. This bit of info should be included somewhere (cause I think it isn't, though i might be wrong).

Thanks for your attention. :)
Tags: cat-cust-adv, faq64, status-resolved

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