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Translation specific FAQ information

This is a revised question/proposal/RFC/whatever of my post to lj_translate (which I still can't edit).
I realise that due to the policy nature of this post, it should've rather been posted to lj_docadmin, but, since I have no rights to post there, I'll post it here.

Currently, FAQ #57 and FAQ #125 are listing ways people can volunteer for LiveJournal, including instructions to reach lj_translate and /translate/ for people who speak languages other than English.
What I would like to see is local translations of those FAQs having links to their respective journals (ie., the Danish translation would point to lj_dansk), either as part of the listitem discussing translation, or as a separate item.

Here are a couple of examples, based on an English translation of the output of a Danish translation. Updates have been marked.
FAQ #57:
* If you speak both English and another language fluently, and you feel confident with your skills, you can help translate LiveJournal into other languages. See to find out how far the different translations have progressed. Note that because parts of the site, particularly the FAQs, are updated frequently, even translations that are far along need regular updates. See for a list of the currently established teams and their respective communities. The Danish team's community is lj_dansk ( Translators should also watch the main LiveJournal translation community, lj_translate ( If you are interested in translating LiveJournal into a language in which it hasn't previously been available, please post there.
FAQ #125:
* lj_translate: General discussion of the LiveJournal translation system and issues with the system. More specific translation communities can be found at The Danish translation community can be found at --
I must admit I'm not fully satisfied with my own proposal for #57, but oh well. Now it's up for discussion among you people with more experience in FAQ writing :)

If this is allowed, and some sort of formulation is decided on, this should be added as a note to the relevant FAQs. (Is it possible to add notes to FAQ entries?)
I will post a link to this in lj_translate, so that other translators knows about this :)

Edit: I've come to realise that several FAQs could include information pointing to local translation teams. Should I make a list, or just don't mind and stay with the above two FAQs?
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