Leora (leora) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Community maintainer deleting posts

I couldn't find this in the docs, not under communities nor under deleting journal entries.

But it should be noted somewhere that the community maintainer can delete journal entries from the community while logged into the maintainer account.

If I missed this, my apologies. It can either be added to the post deletion FAQ. Or become its own FAQ in the community section. If so maybe something like this.

Can I delete a post from a community I maintain?

The community maintainer can delete entries in the community while logged into the maintainer's account. Posts cannot be edited by the maintainer, only deleted.

The posts can be deleted the same way as if the maintainer had posted it. For more information on deleting entries please see this FAQ.

If you are the maintainer of the community but are getting errors when trying to delete the account, make sure you are logged in. If you were given a community that someone else maintained, make sure that you have set yourself as the maintainer of the community. Please see this FAQ for more information on changing community ownership.

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