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New FAQ / FAQcat proposal

Support gets a fair amount of "How do I update my journal?" type questions from new users, as well as some "How do I comment" (which, particularly with regard to communities, is ambiguous as to whether they mean entries or comments, but that's not the point); and for al lthe questions in support, there are probably multiple times that number of users who are just as baffled but don't know where/how to ask.

It occurred to me that we don't really have any /basic/ getting-started information in the FAQs. There /is/ FAQ 104, under accounts, which has a bit of information, including a link to the Update Journal page, but I don't know that I'd think to look under "How do I create an account?" for instructions on editing my journal.

So I was thinking that there might be some use for a new FAQ or FAQ category, with basic information on getting started. There are three ways I can think of to do this, although I'm sure there are other possibilities I'm just not thinking of:

  • Single new FAQ, probably under 'Accounts', separating out the getting-started stuff from 104, which can remain a "how do I create an account" FAQ, but without the "what happens then?" stuff. Include information on making new entries, possibly with a link to FAQ 2 (editing entries); information on commenting, with a validation warning; possibly a bit of overviewy-linky information on customization and on joining/using communities, or something.

  • Multiple new FAQs; one under 'Journal entries' on "How do I write a new entry?", one under 'Comments' on "How do I comment on someone's entry?", possibly a "What is a 'friend'?" under 'Friends & security levels' -- basically ensuring that each FAQ category has a kind of basic "what the heck is this?" FAQ.

  • New FAQ category entitled 'Getting started', with, well, a "How do I write a new entry?" FAQ and a "How do I comment on an entry?" FAQ, etc yadda and so on. In this case, some of the basic-information stuff in other FAQcats could be pulled in

...the coolest thing would be to have a combination of 2 and 3, with the new FAQs in their appropriate cats, and then a 'Getting started' FAQcat that crosslinks those FAQs (along with other basic-information FAQs), but that isn't possible with the current FAQ structure. Unfortunately. *grin*

Comments/feedback/questions/pocky welcome.
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